Burst the housing bubble – stop residential housing being just another commodity

As long as enormous profits can be generated through the sale of residential housing it will be viewed as a capital commodity like any other.

Simply impose a punitive level of capital gains tax (say 85%) on any property that isn’t a persons primary residence. The exception being a property rented out at an affordable rent (not affordable linked to market rental prices) .

I also extend this policy to any primary residence sold within 3 years of purchase.

By targeting capital gains you don’t prevent people from moving you simply prevent profiteering from this.

This instantly stops residential property being seen purely a a capital commodity but doesn’t prevent those who want to rent out at a rate above an affordable threshold and profit from income rather than capital gain, and by so doing means that empty housing will be a liability.


Killing unarmed teenagers – an inditement

The shoot first approach demonstrated by acts like the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, or the death of the 12 year old Tamir Rice in a playground, has a particular resonance for me.

When I was an 18 year old student playing with a toy police set from the pound shop (including badge, radio and toy gun) I was confronted and arrested. Had there been wider access to guns would the presumption have been that I was another dangerous criminal rather than an anomaly?

Has US society moved to such an extreme that there is a presumption kids with toys are killers.

Surely this is an inditement on the way that the media creates hysteria around single horrific acts, and police over reaction rather than society? That said surely limiting the availability of fire arms would temper such overreaction.