Virtual democracy

Could a politician who voted exclusively through online polls create a new democracy or frightening knee jerk reactionary decisions?


A police state acting with impunity?

There appears to be a catalogue of infringements on liberty or police acting with impunity. Here I intend to start listing them here:

Violently breaking up a student fees demonstration.

Learning tactics from one of the most militarised police forces which regularly actively suppress innocent people.

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Property ownership and concentration of power

The above article was published just before the chancellors Autumn Statement on Stamp Duty. So fear not George Osborne has addressed our concerns, throw away the mansion tax… Actually just a second…

When you realise that property isn’t bought and sold in simple one to one transactions we need to look a little closer as to whether stamp duty will itself address the concentration if property ownership within the hands of the few and foreign investment in property as another commodity to be bought and sold.

The devil is in the detail and as the attached shows there are simple mechanisms to avoid tax:

“when the time comes to sell the property. Rather than selling the property it is possible to sell the shares in the company thus transferring ownership of the property. This means that the new purchaser (and any future purchaser of the shares) pays stamp duty at 0.5 per cent ”

Until there is robust tax investigation, simplified tax rules and punitive enforcement of avoidance, residential housing will continue to be seen as another commodity to be bought and sold between companies.

Time to declare class warfare

Capitalism is based on the exploitation of the many by the few- the ruling class.

Is it not time we called for class warfare?

While Marx’s views of the means of production seem out moded in a service based economy, particularly sitting in rural Cornwall where all around people are working for themselves working hard to get by. But look deeper into the neo Marxists (and throw off your preconceptions and prejudices of the label) and you see undeniable truths – alienation of the workforce, the increasing specialisation of roles…

So why have we not fulfilled Marx’s prophetic revolution? A collective blindness? Or have the revolutionaries just not been marketing their cause right?

Just like new Labour had to embrace the middle class so to do the revolutionaries in irder to create a popular uprising.

Not pitching a ‘working class’ against the ‘middle class’, as is often characterised as the option, but an awakening and mobilisation, a unified collective over throwing of an exploitative ruling class of bankers, oligarchs,…