I wake every day
And for a second I pray
The pain has gone away

Then the wretched feeling spreads
Up through my legs
Concentrated in my back
And down past my crack

As the feeling grows
Like fire through my bones
I wish to be reborn
But Like an angles wings torn

No respite for me
As it concentrates around my knee
I dream to walk alone
Not shackled to my thrown

The pain I feel inside
Starts to subside
As the pills I pop each day
In my stomach they decay

But the dull ache continues
Like morphine clouded windows
Relentless as it feels
I try to hide my squeals

Feeling ragged and fettered
“are you feeling better?”
Their concern is genuine
But their patience running thin

Kindness and sympathy
If only I could drink some tea
All of this would go away
I can live a normal way