Killing unarmed teenagers – an inditement

The shoot first approach demonstrated by acts like the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, or the death of the 12 year old Tamir Rice in a playground, has a particular resonance for me.

When I was an 18 year old student playing with a toy police set from the pound shop (including badge, radio and toy gun) I was confronted and arrested. Had there been wider access to guns would the presumption have been that I was another dangerous criminal rather than an anomaly?

Has US society moved to such an extreme that there is a presumption kids with toys are killers.

Surely this is an inditement on the way that the media creates hysteria around single horrific acts, and police over reaction rather than society? That said surely limiting the availability of fire arms would temper such overreaction.


Emily Maitlis’ surgical strikes blow Mark Regev’s defence of Israel’s attack on a UN school out of the water (video)

A good link to a blog which echoes many of my thoughts on the atrocious acts and attempts to justify them!

I Am Incorrigible

Mark Regev, the chief spokesman for the Prime Minister of Israel, is the country’s go to guy when it comes to trying to defend the indefensible to the world’s media.  Yesterday he managed to reach a new low following Israel’s attack on a United Nations school based in Gaza where it is reported that around 1,000 civilians were sheltering from the Israeli Defence Force’s ongoing bombardment.  The UN, which announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch an investigation into possible war crimes during the conflict, told the media that it had requested  a ‘window’ to evacuate civilians from the site before the IDF commenced it’s latest assault but this was not granted by the Israeli’s.

Chris Gunness, spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works agency said there had earlier been “firing around the compound” and his organisation had asked the Israeli army for time to evacuate civilians. “We spent…

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Why do people have personalised number plates?

Why do people have personalised number plates?

Musing on this I can only come up with a few answers:

Such is their vanity, that the fear that people will know the age of their car must be avoided.

The complexity of remembering random letters and numbers (eg for parking meters or forms) is too much of an intellectual strain.

They are overwhelmed by urges of self promotion/vanity such that sharing their name through any available avenue is a constant preoccupation.

So profound are their thoughts, insights that sharing them in a condensed means will help contribute to the enlightenment of the masses.

A little bit of history – foundations of the Jewish state

“the Balfour Declaration. This took the form of a letter, written on 2 November 1917 by Arthur Balfour to Walter (Lord) Rothschild. Balfour was then Foreign Secretary in Lloyd George’s wartime coalition government. Rothschild was an eccentric but well-respected zoologist who also happened to be the country’s richest Jew.
Authorised by Lloyd George’s cabinet, the letter asked Rothschild to inform the Zionist Federation of Great Britain that the British government viewed “with favour” the establishment in Palestine of “a national home for the Jewish people” and would do its best to facilitate this endeavour provided this did not involve anything prejudicial to “the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”


So how did this lead to an unequal system today?