Condemnation of atrocities doesn’t need a prerequisite

Following a little head to head on Facebook I’ve spent a nun characteristic amount if time on the internet today.

Found an Interesting article, though I’m still left wondering why there is a pre requisite for the condemnation of atrocities


Another unrepentant shamed MP – Maria Miller

Why is it some MPs don’t get it. We know mistakes happen, just admit it and apologise. Instead they apologise but instantly try and shift blame – it’s the system or even blame others.

Maria Miller claimed over £40,000 she wasn’t supposed to but MPs have taken an independent report condemning her and decided she only need pay back a small fraction and will face no action!

A dependence on growth

Im fascinated by a reliance on growth for sustainability – organizations unable to sustain themselves if it weren’t for new business. It strikes me that this reliance on growth to remain sustainable or viable in the long term will inevitably lead to a crash, yet still it seems this drives our economy and now even charities.

Moreover the growth itself relies on borrowing thus creating a further artificial value or economic bubble.